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Pet Photography

Pets are always on the move so they make great practice! Have treats ready!

How to get them to pose

Get the pet to strike poses by bribing them with treats. Make sure to bring some treats mini dog treat so you can use a lot. These will help you to get the pet’s attention and stay still.

The biggest ‘trick’ in pet photography is to deceive the animal into thinking that they are making the decisions, when it’s really you that is prompting them to do what you want, without being obvious about it. Make certain that you reward your pets with a lot of treats to encourage the job well done!

Low Angle Shots & Focus on the Eyes

Get down in the doggy world, lie on the floor looking straight into the dog’s eyes with the lens. This way the images have far more impact than you standing over the dog and shooting downwards. Take your lens down to eye level for a dog’s eye view. Eye-level shots are very engaging. You can also move your hands to get his attention and try to bring out that smile for a perfect shot.

Dogs and cats have glittering and interactive eyes. A close portrait with a focus on the eyes gives an emotional touch to the picture. You must Highlight the distinct color of the eyes and different expressions that look really cute in photos. The eyes truly do convey a lot so make sure you focus on them.

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