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Branding Photography

Whether you’re a blogger, photographer, model, fashion designer, business owner, an entrepreneur of any other kind or even a recent grad, personal branding can benefit you in many ways, especially in the recent years. With the rise of social media, people are focusing more on the visuals. Which means having high-quality professional images will allow you to stand out among the crowd. Keep reading for a few great reason to have a personal branding session ASAP!!

Your first impression

Just like how people window shop at stores, people also “window shop” online. Having captivating photos is the first big step to creating a great impression. You want yourself to look good, your products to look good, so that your brand also looks good!

Shows Off Who You Are

Everyone has their own personal brand. Your brand should be curated, welcoming and presentable. Having a personal branding session will capture you for who you are. Allow your personality to show through images so that your audience can get to know you and your product or service.

Content, Content, Content!

Let’s be real. You must have a social media (yes, LinkedIn counts). There are wonderful opportunities and connections to be made via these platforms! This is exactly why you need some posh photos to brighten up your profiles. By regularly posting on your social media platforms, you gain follower and attention from others, which in turn expand your network. And as we all know, network is everything nowadays. It is proven that you can grab a person’s attention easier and quicker when you include an image on your post. And a beautiful image will set you apart from all the others. So, have fun, get some photos done, and go make some meaningful posts now!

It’s Fun!!

You get to dress up and have a photoshoot! What’s not great about that? I strive to make all my sessions super casual and genuine, and I want you to feel 100% comfortable so your personality shines through. I like to say that it’s basically a lifestyle session because we’re showing the everyday you. So, let’s go grab a coffee (or whatever you prefer), chat about everything, and have a blast (and I’m gonna take very good photos of you too)!

PS: bring your cute products & stationery to incorporate into our session!

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